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 “Gather My saints together to Me, Those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice” (Ps. 50:5 NKJV)


When we read through the scriptures, we realise that every covenant relationship that God has had with man has been sacrificial in nature.  For man to be in an acceptable and productive relationship, where God can relate with him, it must be based on sacrifice.  God wants us to make our lives, our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to Him (Rom. 12:1).  A life submitted to Him, to use for His glory.


King David understood this principle, when he said that he would not offer burnt offerings to the Lord with that which costs him nothing (2 Sam. 24:24).  When we have a covenant mentality, we know and understand that any sacrifice to God that does not cost us anything, will not be acceptable to Him.


We cannot serve God based on our own terms or convenience.  For us to please God, we must understand that we are in a covenant relationship with Him.  The covenants which God has entered into with us are based on sacrifice (Deut 28: 3-13) and we must therefore have an understanding of what our obligations are under the covenants, for it to work for us.


We have been instructed to study to show ourselves approved to God, a worker who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15).  We must have an understanding of what God expects from us (Prov. 25:2).  God’s covenants are available to those who have reverential fear of Him, which makes them to want to draw closer to Him.


To be in a covenant relationship with God, He expects us to reciprocate likewise, by laying down our lives for Him to use for His own purpose (John 12:24), by submitting to His authority (Matt. 16:25).  God is asking us to lay down our lives for Him, who first loved us (1 John 4:19) and gave His Son to die for us even when we were still sinners (Rom. 5:8).  It cost God, His best, His only begotten Son, to redeem us back to Himself.


In 2017, we must realign our priorities (Matt. 6:33), because It is the truth that we know that shall make us free (John 8:32).  This is what will enable us come into the fullness that God has purposed for our lives.


Remember, God does not reward those who come to church (Heb. 11:6).


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