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Expanding Kingdom Influence

“Our Father, who is in Heaven, Hallowed be your name, YOUR KINGDOM COME, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven ……..”  – Matt. 6:9-10

One of the lines in Handel’s most popular classical piece, the Hallelujah Chorus from “Messiah”, (paraphrasing Rev 11:15) says, “The Kingdoms of this world, is become the Kingdom of our God and King. And He shall reign forever and ever”

The main reason we exist at all is to extend the impact of God’s Kingdom and bring the influence of Heaven to come to bear on earth! We are His Ambassadors (extraordinary & Plenipotentiary). An ambassador is defined as, “A diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or state to another as its resident representative.” He or she represents the interests of the sending Country. So the German Ambassador to South Africa is in South Africa solely to represent the best interests of Germany! Likewise, we are here – sent from Heaven so that we can say like Jesus, that we are about our Father’s business! We are here for no other agenda but the Agenda of Heaven.

An ambassador is given the singular task – dwell among them, live among them BUT do not become one of them! Why would the US send an Ambassador to Nigeria if when he gets here, he does not promote the way of life of the United States? But rather, imbibes the Nigerian way of life, Nigerian way of business and is of no value to the Tenets the US stands for? Likewise, that same U.S. ambassador in Nigeria would be extremely foolhardy, to jettison the security provided by his home Country and then to rely on the Nigerian security forces for his safety! How foolish we appear in Heaven and how futile our efforts are, when we leave the secret place of the most high and now begin to rely on Armed Guards, security cameras or even (God forbid), Herbalists, Dibia men, scented candles and other fetish things to “secure” us!

Any talk about a Kingdom, pre-supposes that there is a King. The Kingdom of Heaven is likewise, ruled by a King. This King is the wisest, most powerful, most incorruptible, king in all of history. His wisdom is unsearchable, his power is unlimited and his mercy is everlasting. He looking from Heaven saw ahead how man would be mired in sin, wickedness, slavery and depravity. And so, he made a way of escape for man – he slew a spotless lamb at the very outset to remedy the problem even before the problem manifested! But foolishly, we keep on insisting on doing things our own way. He even sent the very best that the Kingdom has i.e. Jesus, to bring a love letter to man to tell us that the war is over and God is now making peace with us (even though we are the aggressors, and this is a war we could never win – not in a million years).

But wickedly, we took the Ambassador he sent (his son), falsely accused him, tried him in a kangaroo court, flogged him mercilessly, spat in his eyes and pulled out his hair. Then not satisfied, we eventually killed him with the kind of shameful death reserved for the worst criminals. And what was his crime? He simply came to show us a better way!

In all of recorded history, there has never been a time like this when with the advance of science, technology and education, so much knowledge is freely available. Modern man is the most educated criminal in the universe. Why do I say he is a criminal? Because contrary to what was being bandied around before, knowledge has not made man better; on the contrary, it appears wickedness is increasing. With weapons of mass destruction, you can kill hundreds of thousands of human beings by punching 1 button. We now have genetic mutations, human sacrifice, child prostitution, human slave trafficking, online depravity, sectarian wars, acts of terrorism etc increasing rapidly. In other words, the systems of the world are failing! If we didn’t know, there might be an excuse, but man can no longer feign ignorance. The issue is that we do know the right thing to do, but we purposely exercise our will in favour of evil continually.

Look at the world financial systems critically and you will observe that is a house of cards! Just a tiny shudder this week in the China stock market brought ripples that wiped out billions of dollars in the value of stocks in the U.S. stock market and the rest of the world. This world system that is built on the devil’s arithmetic will surely crash – sooner or later! Exploiting other people to get ahead, ruining lives and people’s health in order to sustain your own lavish lifestyle is a system that is doomed to fail. One day, the cup of the Amorites will be full and then God’s judgment will come.

We, who have been sent, have no option but to introduce the architecture, the culture and the Kingdom way of doing things to unseat this present world’s warped and decayed system. God’s original idea when he said, “Let them have dominion …..” Is that God wanted to extend His invisible Kingdom to earth. We must go that to that plan and begin to represent the Father here on earth. It must show in our thinking, our speech, our actions and our focus.

Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you”. What powerful words of empowerment! So as we enter this new week, remind yourself each day as you look in the mirror before you step out, “I am an Ambassador on assignment for the King of Kings”! Then go out there and represent our Father.

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