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“If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait till my change come (Job 14:14) (KJV)

Our hearts should be connected to serve God and we should not just be hearers but also doers of the word of God, just like the man called job. He was blameless and always tried to do everything right, as a result God blessed and prospered him, but after a while, he lost all his Children, health and went from prosperity to poverty.

The devil tried him and can also try any of us but during this period we must understand that we are going through trials and our strength should not fail. These trials can come through issues or challenges just like Job went through, but we must not give in to the enemy.

During Job’s trial, his wife did not speak well as she told him to curse God and die (Job 2:9) but she was wrong because the answer to suffering is not suicide, remember we are all on this earth for spiritual education to fulfil our destiny.

Job’s friends also did not help matters by speaking negativity into his life, so we must be careful about who we listen to during trials. We need to renew our minds forget about vain babblings and move on. Who would you listen to during times of adversity? We must always learn to run back to the word of God.

Also, when we go through long suffering, it does not mean we have sinned as we see in the case of the accusations Job’s friends directed at Job. There is a need to go through these sufferings with a right heart and attitude. We must not begin to murmur and grumble but with a right heart go through all these afflictions.

God knows everything and we are very limited in our knowledge compared to him so we must humbly learn to submit to him with the right heart and mind.

Prayer is the key! and we must remember that our God is a prayer answering God. Even though Job’s friends spoke negative about him, he still prayed for them and at the end they were restored. When we pray for people that despitefully use us, there would always be restoration.

When going through afflictions we must not forget the place of prayer. We should learn to put more hours into prayers. When we do all these things with a right heart and attitude surely God will turn our situations around.

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