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Matthew 24:14 says “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come”.

Jesus said that before he returns, the entire gospel of the kingdom MUST be preached throughout the world. This was the mission and assignment of the disciples just as it is ours today. There is an urgency that we must imbibe as believers in spreading the entire gospel of the kingdom but until we all come to an understanding of what the kingdom is, we cannot be as effective as we ought to be in spreading the kingdom gospel.

To illustrate, there is a poem about six blind men. The story says that six blind men were asked to describe an elephant. Since they were all blind and had never seen an Elephant before, they decided to visit the zoo to experience an Elephant by touch. As it turned out, they felt different parts of the elephant’s body. The blind man who felt the leg said the elephant is like a tree – big, strong and firm, the one who felt the tail said the elephant is like a rope – long and flexible; the one who felt the trunk said the elephant is like a snake – rubbery and flexible; the one who felt the ear said the elephant is like a hand fan – not very thick, but big and bendable; the one who felt the body of the Elephant said the Elephant is like a wall – huge all over; and finally, the one who felt the tusk said the elephant is like a spear – hard and sharp.

The king then said to them, “All of you are right. The reason every one of you is telling it differently is because each one of you touched different parts of the elephant. So, actually the elephant has all the features you mentioned – however, that is not the whole of the Elephant”. The moral of this story is that there is one gospel and this gospel is not modern or old but the Eternal gospel of the kingdom. Nothing will happen until we all (believers) understand this. For too long, the Church has preached portions of the Gospel NOT the entirety of the Gospel. So, for example, there is the prosperity Gospel, the holiness Gospel, the separation of Church from State Gospel etc. All are PORTIONS of the Gospel, but we are called to preach the whole Word to the whole World! It is the entirety of the Gospel of the Kingdom that delivers to man, the mind of God and enables him to be free from the shackles of slavery, religion, caste, circumstances of his birth etc.

As we begin the new series on Kingdom Economics, we remind ourselves again that there are two kingdoms: The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan. Satan’s plan can be seen in John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (NIV). Satan’s target is God’s masterpiece – Man. From the very beginning, satan has had a devious plan for man. He was there at the very beginning of creation when he saw God call things into being. He saw the Creator’s obvious joy and satisfaction in creating and forming man. From the time he fell from grace, satan, knowing very well that he cannot touch God, decided that the next best thing he can do is to attack God’s image in man and thereby cause God pain and displeasure. From that time on, Satan has been man’s sworn enemy. From observation, it would appear that apart from the general hatred satan has for all mankind, he has reserved the worst of his attacks on 2 major constituencies which seem to suffer more than most at his hands.
These 2 groups are:
1. Women and
2. Africans

It appears that these 2 groups, after escaping the slavery that is targeted at all of humankind, still have to free themselves from another yoke of entanglement. The strategy of Satan is to break the spirit, crush the soul and yoke the body through slavery, oppression, prostitution, racism, exploitation and intimidation. These 2 groups are the ones who suffer the most from the scourge of Satan in those areas.

These two kingdoms (the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of the devil) are at war BUT this war has already been won by Jesus on the Cross of Calvary when he declared, “It is finished!”. We are simply called to enforce the victory. As Romans 8:37 says, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Religion would have us believe that these 2 Kingdoms are “striving” to overthrow the other – and that we must join in this “struggle” because we are part of the army! However, a proper study of scripture reveals that nothing could be further from the truth. This war was fought and won before even time began (Rev 12:7-11 and Rev 13:8).

What then is the solution to this targeted attacks of the enemy? There is only one solution and this is the Eternal Gospel. The eternal Gospel is about A King, His Kingdom and His Royal Family. In a kingdom, the word of the king is law; the Word of the King is supreme and it cannot be challenged. The will of the King is law and is enforceable. The will of the King is codified into laws and statutes and endure forever – not subject to the dictates and caprices of men.

The major point at which these 2 Kingdoms meet is at the marketplace. It is curious that even though Jesus knows all about the devil and his plns for mankind, the most strident warnings Jesus gave was about Mammon!
Now, every Kingdom has rules, rights, duties and obligations for its recognised citizens. For example, in the developed world, every law-abiding citizen pays taxes. In a kingdom, there is no individual ownership. Everything belongs to the king. The bible tells us in Psalm 24:1 “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him”. So what this tells us is that everything in God’s kingdom belongs to God. Because we are his children, consequently, everything belongs to us. We are royalty. We can have whatever we want. The king dispenses as he pleases- as he deems fit. This kingdom of which we are citizens is able to support all kingdom projects- no exception.

All Kingdoms are built on economies. Contrary to what the popular view is, Kingdoms do not make economies, Economies make Kingdoms. Any Kingdom that does not have a sustainable economy ultimately collapses.

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