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Now That The Congress Is Over

The much anticipated annual congress of Living Waters Unlimited Church with the theme, “Mastering the Mysteries and Keys of the Kingdom” came to a close last Sunday, September 27, 2015 with God showing Himself strong and mighty in the midst of His people. This year’s congress marked a turnaround in the history of Living Waters as a ministry as well as the church in general as it established the premise for the redemption of the women folk and liberation of Africa, both constituencies having remained under severe satanic attack for generations. It was established in the course of the congress that the only gospel that can set women and indeed Africa totally free is the gospel of the kingdom. The Senior Pastor emphasized that one of the primary reasons why the gospel is not working in Africa is because the fundamental history of oppression and subjugation that turned Africans to sub-humans are yet to be addressed. He also told the eager congregation that lots of people are failing because they assume that democracy and the kingdom are the same. They fail to realize that their opinion may be reckoned with in a democracy whereas in the Kingdom, whatever the king decrees cannot be questioned. Moreover, the king owns everything and whoever pleases the king is blessed and enjoys a greater part of the resources of the kingdom.

He maintained based on the scriptures that there are three key features that a believer must never overlook if he is going to be blessed:

  1. A King
  2. A Kingdom and
  3. A Royal Family to rule with him

The mindset of every child of God must therefore be changed to reflect the above three, otherwise, his destiny is not secure.

The congress also provided opportunity for the Church to address the numerous but different mysteries and keys of the kingdom of God without which the average believer will remain ordinary and subject to natural forces.

Jesus in Matthew 13:3-11 spoke to the multitude that gathered around him with a parable and the disciples looking puzzled wondered why he taught in parables and he told them in verse 11 that “it is given unto them to know the mysteries of the kingdom”. Jesus expected the disciples to recognize that they can only win in this world by understanding and deploying the mysteries and the keys of the kingdom. If that was his expectation then, I can assure you that it has not changed. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). If Peter, James, John and the rest could not win without the mysteries and the keys of the kingdom; you and I cannot either.

In Matthew 16:19, Jesus promised us the keys of the kingdom of heaven because he knows that without the keys, we will remain mere men with limited opportunities to operate in the supernatural.

The issues of the mysteries and the keys were thoroughly dealt with in a manner that congress attendees departed the congress venue fully assured that deploying the mysteries and keys of the kingdom is the way to live above natural forces and really become who God has called us to be.

The question then is, now that the congress is over; what next. We need to first go back to listen to all the congress messages as many times as possible and ask God for a full revelation of what He is saying to us as individuals, as a body and as African people . We also need to take time to listen to The Audio Book” The Devil’s Arithmetic over and over again as this will help us to understand that we have to as a people insist on the gospel of the Kingdom and no other gospel. This gospel is eternal…

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