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“Your words have been harsh against Me,” Says the LORD,“Yet you say, ‘What have we spoken against You?’ (Mal. 3:13) (NKJV)

As we go through different challenges in our daily lives as believers, we sometimes say things either in our words or thoughts against God, that He considers as harsh words by His own assessment. Harsh words spoken against a perfect, benevolent and Holy God, which when spoken by us, we consider as being too insignificant to be reckoned with by Him (Mal. 3:13).

When we think in our heart or speak with our mouth that “it is useless to serve God” (Mal. 3:14) or question what profit is there for us to keep God’s ordinances (Mal. 3:14) or when as believers we feel a sense of loss, even though we have been obedient to God’s ordinances, all this acts amounts to harsh words spoken against God.

Remember, our life as believers does not consist only of the promotions in this world. When we call the proud blessed or when we no longer see the benefits of speaking the truth, or when we begin to think in our hearts that those that tempt God would go unpunished, all this acts also constitutes harsh words spoken against God.

God is in all our conversations, listening unnoticed and unrecognised by us. The mode of what is said, is irrelevant. The question is, “what have you said?”. No conversation about God is casual (Mal. 3:16). Just as we have also been warned not to use vain repetitions when we pray to God (Matt. 6:7).

Harsh words spoken against God is also demonstrated when we feel God is unjust, because the wicked are at ease and increase in their riches and that it is the ungodly that always prospers, because they have more than what their heart would wish for.

Beware, God is not one to warn us and we walk away with impunity. When He warns us, He means it. Let us not complain against a perfect God, regardless of the hardship we are facing in life, since we do not know the purpose of God in that particular situation. Do not be envious of the boastful or the prosperity of the wicked because their eyes bulge with abundance (Ps.73).

We must not be seen to blur the purpose of God, by what we say without knowledge. We must not be seen to darken God’s counsel through our harsh word (Job 38:2), shielding the purpose of God out of our ignorance. For the thoughts of God and His ways are not our thoughts and our ways (Isa. 55:8).
When we go into the sanctuary of God, we will understand the purpose of God (Ps. 73:17). There is no injustice in God, we must learn to be patient and not murmur.

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