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    “pray without ceasing,” (1 Tess. 5:17 NKJV)


Just as it is only those athletes who are diligent in their preparation for their next track events that wins the race and gets the prize (1 Cor. 9:24), so also is it with those who diligently seek God, for God rewards those who diligently seek Him (Heb. 11:6).  Diligence and excellence are the hallmarks of the Kingdom.  There is nothing God can do for you when you fail to diligently seek Him.


We have been commanded to pray without ceasing (1 Tess. 5:17).  God says He will avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him (Luke 18:7).  Anybody can pray but it is not everybody that can persevere in the place of prayer, for this requires diligence.


Prayer in the Kingdom is simple (Luke 11:1-3) but yet technical (Rom. 8:26).  Failure to recognize this is the reason why we do not receive answers to our prayers.  This is because most of our prayers are self centered and not Kingdom focused, hence we pray amiss (James 4:3).  We ask from God to consume on our lust and not to meet a need in the Kingdom.  This prayer secret, Hannah discovered after many years of going to Shiloh (1 Sam. 1:11).


We must have the knowledge on how to present our prayers before God so as to get the desired answer.  Spiritual things are very slippery.  Abraham was blessed, so that he could be a blessing (Gen. 12:2).  It would have been wrong for Abraham to pray to be blessed, rather than pray to be a blessing.  We have to be diligent in the study of the word of God.


It is not possible to have an effective relationship with God without the word of His grace (Acts 20:32).  Diligence is key in the study of the word of God (Deut 6:7 & 17 and Prov. 4:23).  Do not postpone the doing of God’s word.  Do not harden your heart (Ps. 95:8).  Delayed obedience to God’s word, will result in delayed blessings (Deut. 11:13).  Abraham was blessed by God in all things (Gen. 24:1) in his own generation because he acted immediately on the word of God (Gen. 12:4).


Without an effective prayer life, frustration is inevitable.  The only way to connect to God is by the Holy Spirit (Ps. 145:18, Luke 15:31 and John 14:13-14).  We need the help of the Holy Spirit when we pray, in order not to pray amiss (John 16:13).  The Holy Spirit helps us to know what we should pray for as we ought to (Rom. 8:26).




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