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THE CHRISTMAS SEED …. Ideas are the most powerful force in life because everything in existence started as an idea. The celebration of this season started with an idea in the heart of God. If we pin down that idea with accuracy, we will then understand the reason for the season. Why did God send His son down into the Earth? What was the idea on the Father’s mind as the son took position inside the Virgin Mary? Ideas are like seeds that are loaded with potential. Isaiah got the idea right when he prophesied that the Father gave up His only begotten son while Mary gave birth to the special baby! (Isaiah 9:6). Do you really get the genuine idea behind Christmas? We must recall that God never promised to reward all those who celebrate Christmas but reserved the reward only for those who apply diligence in the celebration.

AN EXPLOSIVE SEED … It was also prophesied that the birth of Jesus Christ would bring promotion to some persons while it would spell destruction for some others (Luke 2:34). The reason for this season is an explosive seed indeed as we may just need to remind some people that God knew that He was sending His son into the world to die! I recall the day I escorted my first son to his boarding school far away in a foreign country. We took a long flight, rented a car and drove for hours to get to his school. I sent him there to get a sound education and increase in learning but I still felt some strong emotions as I drove away to catch my flight back to Africa. Have you ever wondered how God felt when His son entered the world as a seed with a mission to die? Isaiah again prophesying said that it “pleased” the Father to bruise him! (Isaiah 53:10). What a horrible thought – that a Father would take pleasure in watching his most precious son die! BUT it was all in the divine narrative.

No seed will ever yield its potentials except if falls to the ground and dies! So while shepherds watched their flock by night and angels appeared to shine the light of glory announcing the birth of that precious seed, God already knew the fate of that Christmas seed. The contemporary song, “Above all others” contains a line which goes thus, “Crucified, laid behind a stone, you lived to die, rejected and alone, like a rose, trampled on the ground ……” In the divine contemplation of God, that seed was sent to die because God was looking at the harvest of souls not the seed dying. The quality of the seed determines the outcome of the harvest, so if the Father planted the very best seed Heaven has, you can imagine what type of harvest he is expecting.

A STRANGE SEED … Many strange things happened when the seed was born, that science will never be able to explain. Just imagine what it must have cost the wise men from the orient laden with precious gifts to travel for many months following the star of his birth? Can you picture these wealthy men of great stature entering a small shack to spare a moment greeting the parents only to fling themselves on the floor to worship a baby? What could they have seen that our modern celebrations have missed? If a mango seed carries the potential of a fruitful mango tree and an orange pip carries the potential of a fruitful orange tree. What kind of harvest did that divine seed carry that prompted Satan’s attempt to kill him at infancy using Herod as the executioner? You cannot but wonder whether Joseph and Mary were really prepared for the action packed Christmas drama that contained more twists, travels and turns than the plots and counter-plots of a James Bond movie?

THE CHRISTMAS HARVEST … We know that the seed eventually died as planned and brought forth much harvest and this is why the annual celebrations are really meant to be a testimonial of the peculiar seeds that came out from the royal seeds that came out of the chosen seeds that came out of the divine seeds that came out of the righteous seeds that came out of the sanctified seeds that came out of the ordained seeds that came out of the priestly seeds that came out of the elect seeds that came out of the precious seeds that came out of the gracious seeds … that came out of the predestined seeds that came out of the fore-known seeds that all were inside the original Emmanuel seed that God planted in Mary during the original Christmas! After all, a good tree must bring forth good fruit and an evil tree must bring forth evil fruit because it is by their fruit that we know the difference between the Christmas that belongs to God and the ones that are disconnected from God.

Remember that the tree is in the seed and when the tree germinates, it also brings forth fruit, which also contains a seed which contains a tree, which will bring forth fruit, which itself contains a seed, which contains a tree and so it goes on and one. This is the plan of God – to populate the earth with his sons & daughters. And that these sons and daughters also bring forth godly seed. Let us all therefore bring forth fruits suitable for the harvest that God had in mind from the beginning.

Happy and fruitful Christmas Wishes to you all.

Rev. Ladi Thompson

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