Deception Of The Age




The rise of T.B Joshua was a clear punishment for a wayward church! T.B. Joshua did not introduce deception into the Nigerian Church, he simply perfected and scaled the magnitude. His lying wonders were more than all the miracles recorded in the Church as a whole and his mega-sized crowds matched the best of churches. Pentecostal leaders were endorsing Fatai T.B. Joshua because the lacked the discernment to see through him. Only the Lord could put an end to the shame of His people.

Many who are unaware of his antics swear by him, while others stand resolutely against him. Those who saw and heard him in his earlier years when he first started out could discern the occult factor in his ministry, but the man in the synagogue is like a chameleon. He has changed so much over the years that it would take genuine discernment to see beyond his stronghold of lies. The vivid testimonies of former disciples of T.B. Joshua present the church with an opportunity to set things right. If, however, the humility, sobriety and courage required to take the bull by the horns is not readily available, the Lord may have to raise another generation to deal with these issues. Watching the rise of this Nigerian antichrist has been a surreal experience as is it one thing to read the prophecies of the scriptures, but it is another thing altogether to watch them unfold before our very eyes. It is our prayer that the Church will make a bold stand for righteousness.