The Prosperity Of Jesus




When Jesus Christ was declared that it was all over before dying at the cross, He was passing a subtle message to believers that He had settled all accounts! The Church has come a long way in establishing the truths of spiritual authority over demons, the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, gifts and calling and many others that are victory grounds for the present day Church yet, the area of financial freedom has remained thorny issue! This little book will take you back to the cross so you can rediscover the paths of financial victory designed for the believer. There was a showdown at the cross that pitted heavenly values against worldly values. To mammon, Jesus Christ, whose eternal worth could not be measured in material wealth was only worth a paltry 30 pieces of silver.

  • However, the real worth of the messiah was established at the cross and a new system of evaluation was delivered to the church. Though defeated, mammon still hung around to devalue, ensnare, entrap and divert the destinies of those who do not embrace the prosperity if Jesus. This book is designed to help you gasp the twofold workings of money and mammon and understand……


  • The natural origin of money and spiritual attachments of mammon.
  • The natural challenges of money and the spiritual warfare of mammon.
  • The spiritual traps in the money market and the common tricks of mammon.
  • The path of victory in the prosperity of Jesus.
  • The natural and spiritual aid to believers given to ensure victory over mammon.
  • The use of divine information in yoking money and caging mammon.
  • The practical management of money matters and spiritual war against mammon.
  • A peek into the future of mankind and the role of money and mammon.
  • How the treasures of this earth are actually the trash of heaven.
  • The diverse levels of warfare against mammon and the secrets of stewardship.
  • Managing wealth with a conscience devoid of offence.