The primary purpose of the Men’s Fellowship is to lead men to God and for them to mature in Christ. To realize this vision, the Men’s fellowship is designed to equip, prepare and challenge men to develop their skills and abilities to lead as Christ has modeled for us.

Men by virtue of their position as leaders in their families, in the church and in the community have a great influence on the outcome of a society. If men fail to uphold their God given responsibility in a society, the society gradually descends into decadence. The skills to effectively perform their role as leaders are best developed when men learn one from another and share experiences that will build faith, encouragement and discipleship.

By following the example of humble service laid down by Christ, we believe that Christian men can make a difference in their spheres of influence. Therefore, once a month the Men of Purpose meet to build one another up and bond in fellowship. Our meetings consist of studying through a book together, discussing topics relevant to issues men deal with, praying and building close relationships.We meet at 4pm on the first Saturday evening of each month in a pre-agreed location.

We invite every man to be part of the Men’s Fellowship, and to contribute to the establishment and expansion of God’s kingdom.

To equip men with Godly leadership skills and values

To expand the imagination of men, promote the development of spiritual gifts, cultivate lifelong friendships and encourage service to God and humanity by educating, bonding, caring and sharing in love.