We provide smooth, effective and efficient running of all Living Waters Unlimited Church Protocol activities through the provision of service/assistance in the following areas:

Escorting church guests
Providing ad-hoc services (i.e. anything which needs to be done)
Developing work plans and schedules for events
Personnel scheduling
Protocol Resource Planning and their allocation (i.e. transport, finance and other requirements)
Liaising with other departments as Protocol representative
Welfare arrangements for guests (i.e. Feeding, accommodation, etc) as well as for church personnel
Plan and execute, where necessary itinerary for guests’ activities (sight-seeing, shopping, Handlingtravel arrangements (including flights, visas and other travel documents)
Handling entertainment, etc.)
Sourcing and dissemination of information
Welcoming invited guests to church events/services, airport, etc
Providing VIP Escorts for designated guest pastors

Our Objectives

Build and project the image of the Living Waters Unlimited Church
Provide efficient and effective services in all areas
Provide a professional system of managing people during Living Waters Unlimited Church activities and functions
Equip our people with the required skills, competencies and abilities to be on top of the their responsibilities
Create a work environment that encourages learning, initiative and high performance
Ensure adequate communication, welfare structures and monitoring systems to ensure harmony and best care for our people