The Ushering department of Living Waters Unlimited Church is one of the key departments set up to:

a) Provide an enabling environment for effective Word ministration to the congregation during service

b) Ensure orderly conduct of members and visitors during church programs and other ceremonies like wedding etc.

The Ushering department is a core department in the church and impacts on the church growth because of its interface with both new and old members or visitors and first timers as they come in to the church.

Our department is focused to remain impeccably courteous and polite as we warmly welcome and usher in guests and members alike.

Our sub unit, the Greeters/Welcoming unit has just been introduced to stand outside the gate to receive everyone warmly.

Ushers are the first – impression workers and discharge the under listed duties accordingly,

Assisting the Pastors/Guest ministers or helping during ministration.
Ensuring the members of congregation sit comfortably.
Maintaining orderliness during service by sitting members appropriately to ensure latecomers can slip in unnoticed.
Helping the elders with their personal effects and ushering them to their seats.
Liaising with protocol officers and the Pastorate to ensure visiting guest ministers are well taken care of/ comfortable
Ensuring minimal distraction in the auditorium during services, by preventing unnecessary movements on the part of adult and children.
Provide effective surveillance, collaborating with security department to prevent personal effects of members/guests from being stolen and preventing no disruption of any kind during services.
Offer efficient and quality services at all church ministration/programs.
Maintaining accurate records of head count/attendance of members for all services.
Monitoring members of congregation who were absent from service and working with the Evangelism and Outreach department for effective follow up.
Effective distribution of offering and tithes envelopes and placing same in strategic positions in the auditorium and ensuring offering baskets goes round for collection.