(The Women’s Ministry of Living Waters Unlimited Church)
The women’s ministry of Living Waters Unlimited Church has one broad mission which is ‘raising godly women, wives, mothers, helpers and leaders, who are dedicated firstly to GOD, then, their families and the society’. Consequently, the ministry is working closely with the church and local communities to help women at all levels achieve this purpose.

At LWWF, we recognise that ours is a diverse community of women operating at different levels, so our monthly programmes are specially tailored to meet this diverse group of women. We have an ultimate goal of not leaving anybody behind. LWWF is also actively involved with charity work. We offer full and part-scholarships depending on the situation of the recipient; support start-ups; small businesses and provide bridging finance for even growing businesses.

“The Master’s Hands” is one of our current projects. The Master’s Hands is dedicated to reaching out to people in need. At present, several women have benefited from this fund, it basically supports businesses; pays medical bills and school fees; supports the less privileged and widows, both inside and outside the Church.